How To build A Raised Rose Garden

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First you will need to choose a good sunny spot in your yard. Then design your bed. You may choose to use wooden timbers and build a nice rectangle bed. Level your first layer of timbers. Interweave your corners, drill and re bar each piece as you stack timbers.

You can also make your bed out of stone. Start by digging out a footer foundation for your stone. Pour your footer and level it. Now you can start laying your stone. Stacking and mortaring the stones level after level. You can use a straw broom to give the mortar a nice finish.

Make your beds as tall as you want them. I would say that 12 inches deep would be sufficient enough for the rose beds. Once you’ve finished making the box for your bed fill it with only the best mixture of soils and nutrients. Add some blood and bone meal fertilizer to the soil. It’s all organic and Your roses will love it.

Then you need to find the perfect roses for your garden. There are so many gorgeous rose plants. It won’t be hard to fill your garden. Once you’ve selected your treasure, you need to begin planting your rose shrubs. Dig your hole about twice the size of the plants root ball. Add some peat moss to your fill. Then back fill all of your shrubs.

Pack the soil down firmly around each planting. Make sure that the root ball is about an inch above the soil level. You don’t want to bury the plant too deep and smother it. Spread a little pre-emergent down to stop weed seed growth.

Now you should use a mulch. There are several types of mulch to choose from. By mulching your bed it makes it more attractive. Helping to keep moisture in your bed and also keep weeds down. Water your new garden often until the roots have time to establish themselves. Usually one season.


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