3 ways to makes money with blog…

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1. Affiliate programs
This is somewhat related to my “Make Money with Affiliate Marketing” section but is more related to blogs. This is a great way to make money with blogs that hardly anyone even considers, which is quite puzzling to me. By mentioning the product, the affiliate program will provide you with a clickable link to hyperlink the word with straight to the seller’s page and you’ll earn between 5-50% on the price, it’s a great opportunity that isn’t exploited

2. Sell your website
It may seem cliché because everyone sells their own website and business through blogs. However, it is your approach that can mean the difference of you making money with blogs or not. If you spend the whole time talking you will seem uninterested in others’ insight. If you incorporate others’ thoughts and opinions and strike up a conversation with little bits and pieces about your business, you soon will have them reeled in. By talking about their business and showing interest you will find that more people are interested in your business in turn. What this basically means is that you should consider the views of your readers and develop content based on their views. It will create a good synergy from the visitors and as such drive up the earning potential of your site.

3. Consistency
The more you post the more chances people have to see you and your website link. It is vital that you make one post a day or at minimum a couple a week. This way people become accustomed to seeing your posts and hearing your advice, reviews or questions. This is a great way to build relationships, which will help you sell your product, share ideas, and promote your website.


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