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There are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet of which some are harder and some are easier, blogs are generally agreed to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. Blogs are a great way to promote articles, discuss various ideas, and promote your website itself, you don’t even need to get the search engines involved, its all promotions amongst other bloggers.  However, there are several ways you can make money with blogs as well. Here are the 2 most effective ways to make money with blogs.

1. Sell advertising
The most common way people make money with blogs is selling advertising. If you build a large blog with many thousand visitors a days you can sell advertising space for people to put their ads on your blog. However, a majority of people aren’t capable of building a blog big enough to do this. That is where Google AdSense and BlogAds can help you. It is free and they pay you based on the number of people that click their ads for further information. The deal is that even with just a few clicks, you already make money, it’s just that with a few visitors your money earned will be less.

2. Sell your products
A blog is a great place to discuss advice and opinions on various subjects including different goods and services. It can also be a great place to promote your product and tell them how it can benefit them. You can even review other people’s products and get a cut if you promote them properly. Whether it’s your blog or someone else’s, look at it as an opportunity to fulfill peoples’ needs, not that you are just selling your product. You are providing valuable information that might not otherwise be available.


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