Fashion Trends

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Well on tv and movies etc. you see the stars wearing something cool..and then you think aw wow thats cool…. i think i might get that and the other people see it and think that its cool and then they get it and its just starting a trend but then iyt goes out just like the 80’s and 90’s look at what they went out but now its coming back in again casue ONE person ONE PERSON wore it and somebody acted like a sheep and followed and now its back in style….i say go with what you like to wear dont just wear something that makes somebody else look nice….it doesnt matter if people tease you becasue you’ll probly find that they wear that sort of stuff sometimes to but they just don’t want to admit it or they are jelous cause they like it better than their own clothes and they just want to be like you… i must say are you a foloower or a leader?? so next time your out going clothes shopping dont just get something just because other people say that its cool or you feel left out if you havent got me i’ve bee nthere heaps my mum gets me the old long and warm clothes and i mean yea its ok and i get jelous of the people that have all the nice new “in” clothes but then i realise that hang on a minute i dont have to wear something just becasue people say its coolo i should wear something that i actullay would like to wear not just the pressure so just remember


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