Make Your Own Custom Music/Movie Themed Google Homepage/Startpage

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You customize everything else on your computer . . . why not customize Google as well? Using a little internet magic, you can have your own Google startpage up and running in a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to not only chose your own theme, but customize all the links as well.


Go to . This site has already complied all the technology to make this super easy for you.

Look around the gallery. There’s hundreds of themes based of music, movies, games, etc. This will be the hardest step: finding the perfect one!

Customize it. Once you’ve clicked on the theme you want, click the link that says “CUSTOMIZE:: Click Here to customize the links.” in the middle of the page. You’ll go to the preferences menu where you can all all the particulars. When you’re done, hit the “Save Preferences” button.

Set it as home! This step is really important: tell your browser it’s your homepage. The site has an extensive FAQ on how to do this depending on your browser, but it generally works like this: While on your new startpage ( in the example above) go to your browser’s “options” or “preferences” menu. In Internet Explorer, for example, it’s under “Tools.” There should be an option to set the home page URL. In Internet Explorer, it’s under the “General” tab. Select “Use Current” to put your AwesomeStart URL right in there. Again, in the example, it should be Click OK, and you’re all set! If this part gets you stuck, you can go to for an FAQ.

Additional Tips

  • You can change all sorts of other stuff in the preferences.
  • Your preferences are saved in a cookie! Make sure your cookies are enabled, and don’t delete them.

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