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In my frustration in dealing with (see my other article) I ran across this website:

I had never heard of this site. I started looking through it. provides valuable info on things like scams both online and off, product recalls, company lawsuits, safety reports, consumer news, and product updates.  Another valuable aspect to the site is a “complaint button”.  You can share your stories to warn others of businesses or experiences. You can do searches on the site to find out if others have shared in your experience or to research what other are saying about businesses, websites, offers, etc.  The articles on the site are both professionally written as well as having consumer written articles.  There is also a resources section on the site.  You can look up specific contacts for you state for things such as: public utilities commission, small claims court, lemon laws etc.

The other unique part, if you use the complaint button you have the option to have an attorney review your complaint and contact you if they feel there is something legal that can be done about it.  Though you don’t have to.  The complaint button is easy to locate as it is a big, red, clickable button on the top right hand of the  site.

As of now, this seems to be my best means of getting out my info on since i am still unable to locate a physical address for by any means.  I tried my hand at submitting my complaint. It said my information would be reviewed. This is refreshing in that they don’t just post stories automatically they actually look over them before posting. 


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