Job Hunt Tool Kit V: How the Ugly Truth of George Ruth Can Help You

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George Herman Ruth: The Ugly Truth

In his time, George “Babe” Ruth was one of the greatest and one of the worst baseballplayers in the USA. Sure, he held the record for most home runs — many people remember pictures of him standing alongside home plate watching yet another shot fly over the outfield wall.

There are also pictures of Babe walking back to the dugout after just striking out… again. You see the “Sultan of Swat” was also the greatest striker-outer of his era.

 Think about that for a moment. The Babe could have walked around with a mental picture of himself booming homers or slinking back to the dugout after ‘whiffing’, again. It is just a matter of perspective.

As the Babe said, “you cannot beat some one who never quits”.    

Job hunting is a lot like this: you have faced disappointment and you have enjoyed some level of success (hey, you knew how to get an article from the internet, right?) It is all up to you and how you look at yourself in the mirror. Hey, take it from me, it is a whole lot more fun and much more satisfying and life-giving to remember the home runs you have hit. When meeting an employer, picture yourself cracking a home run. It’ll show in your stride.

 Tom Edison, inventor of the incandescent light bulb, tried & failed over 2000 times to put together what later was one of history’s greatest inventions. Asked what he learned from months and months of failures, he said “I learned 2000 ways not to make a light bulb.” It’s all about perspective.

 Walt Disney – – yes, THAT Walt Disney – – was fired from his first job writing in a Chicago newspaper because he was “not creative enough”. Michael Jordan – yes, THAT MIchael Jordan- was cut from his high school basketball team as a freshman and could have said “aw, basketball is such a dumb sport anyway, guess I’ll just quit trying.” Word is he kept at it and got pretty good at it after a while.

 The libraries are full of stories of people who were told they could never make it… but they made it anyway. Make your own success story, starting today.

Putting it into Practice :

Take a moment for drawing two pictures of yourself writing under the first one your doing something you accomplished (learned, did, met an important responsibility). Under the other write a caption for what you want to be doing someday soon.

 Now HAVE SOME FUN & draw the pictures. Its OK to erase and rewrite, but please have some fun. Make them things you will enjoy remembering in the days ahead when you hit home runs and make the occasional strike out. Remember you’re an unfinished ‘picture’ with many miles to go and lessons to learn.  Make sure to keep these pictures in a sasfe place and return to them from time to time. 

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