The Homeworld Foundation

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Have you ever heard the term “Homeworld”?  What is a Homeworld?  Well in science fiction terms, a homeworld is a world to which a sentient life springs from, calls home and protects said home with a vigilance anyone can appreciate.

Now we may not be living a science fiction lifestyle, but we do have a home world…we call it earth.  its the only home we have as humans.  Are we taking care of it?  how?  What are we as a race really doing to save this planet?

We come up with some pretty damn good ideas.  Recycling is one of them.  its a fantastic idea…but how often do we follow through on it?  the list of things goes on.

Im starting a club here on Yuwie called: The Homeworld Foundation.   The idea…to encourage people to do more than what they have been.  This club will not be located solely on Yuwie granted…there will be a number of other places that this will start…with the goal of getting a website should I get enough members to warrent doing so.

Im not looking to become a non profit orginization or try to get to a Greenpeace/PETA level of activisim or anything like that.  Quite frankly Greenpiece is not balanced and from what ive heard is PETA has good ideas but way out of line in thier exicution.  All i want to do is encourage each residant of this planet to step up thier personal efforts to do thier part in saving this planet.  To coin a cliche:  It starts at home.


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