I've Done Nothing For a Year And I Still Earn Money on Bukisa

I have done nothing. No writing, no promotion, no endless hours of networking. Yet Bukisa still earns me money!! What a fabulous site to belong to. This does not just happen by luck though, no, there are some key secrets. Here are three of my secrets for earning money by doing nothing for a year.

SECRET ONE – write articles with a long shelf life

In 2009 I wrote an article entitled “deathbook” which has been viewed thousands of time with no marketing. The article had a long shelf life, it attracted google and continues to be high up on google rankings, it appealed to a wide range of readers and was well written!! The article was not connected to a single, time-bound incident or event but is being viewed week in, week out.

SECRET TWO – use google adsense

Google Adsense is simple and aimed at writers like ourselves. They do all the work, you do all the writing. I have done very little for a year and many other sites I am on have dried up but Bukisa still produces income. This is because they are well linked to Google and have a good reputation. Watch the keywords and Google will find you. They will place approriate, high quality ads on your writing and you will earn money. Every month of every year.

SECRET THREE – build a network

Okay, so I have done very little this year but that just proves that you reap what you sow. My network on Stumble Upon has produced many hits for me. Join up and build your network and then share your work. They are a great community. Bukisa has a great community too. Read my tips on “Building your Network on Bukisa”. Take every opportunity to sow and you will continue to reap for many years.

Finally, I have experimented for the year of 2011. I am now restarting my activity here on Bukisa and will see what an active year can produce. The key ingredients of writing articles with a long shelf life, using Google Adsense and building an effective network will bring their rewards. Let me know how you are doing. Join me on Twitter and keep writing!!

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