How to Save Money with Big Discounts on Movie Tickets

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With regular movie ticket prices getting more expensive each year–up to $11 per ticket and more in some places–a night out at the movies can get pretty pricey. When you add in popcorn, candy, and drinks, your evening for two after dinner can easily top out at $40! Add in kids, and you’re talking $50 or $60 for one movie. By loading up early on discount passes at Costco, you can save up to $3 per movie ticket on any show, any day, any time–no restrictions! The passes never expire, so you can buy them now and save even more when the prices inevitably climb in the future.

Step 1 – Go to your local Costco. If you don’t have one near you, go to their website at and type “movie tickets” in the search box.

Step 2 – Various movie ticket packages are available, listed below. Depending on which “brand” of movie theatre you choose and whether you have the tickets shipped to you, your final cost per ticket will be $7.50 to $8.50. These tickets are good for any showing on any date at any time and they never expire. You’ll save money and save time by taking advantage of these big discounts.

Regal Entertainment Group “Premiere Super Saver”:  $37.50 for 5 tickets good at any Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, or Edwards Theatres. This equals $7.50/ticket (or $8/ticket if you pay the $2.50 shipping to have the tickets shipped from

Cinemark Theatres “Platinum Supersaver”:  $37.50 for 5 tickets good at any Cinemark Theatres, Century Theatres, CineArts, or Tinseltown. Equals $7.50/ticket (or $8./ticket if you pay the $2.50 shipping to have the tickets shipped from

AMC Theatres “Gold Experience”:  $39.99 for 5 tickets good at any AMC Theatres, Loews Theatres, Cineplex Odeon Theatres, Majic Johnson Theatres, and Star Theatres. Equals $8/ticket (or $8.50/ticket if you pay the $2.50 shipping to have the tickets shipped from

Tip – You’ll get the most savings by using these discount movie tickets on non-matinee shows, since matinee movies are often cheaper than evening showings.

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