Punic War notes

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Punic Wars

Important Dates:
· (264-241 BC)
· (218-202 BC)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
8:55 AM

Today’s Topics:
· Punic wars (there are 3)

Important People:
· Between the Romans and the Carthaginians

Lecture Topic:
During the lecture, take notes here.
Rome has been conquering upper (north) Italy. They control most of Italy. Sicily still under Greek rule. Finnishians had a very strong Navy.
1st war: (264-241 BC) canal between Sicily and Italy, about 20 minute ferry ride, (near Messana) Messana is invaded by mercs. Messana appeals to Romans for help. Leader of Syracuse decides to help. People are fighting over Messana. Ends up being Romans and Carthaginians fighting eachother. Becomes a squabble over Sicily. Hamlicar Barca, Carthaginian leader, very attentive leader, both Romans and CA. share victories. Rome realizes they need a better navy. Romans take a sunken Carthaginian ship to copy it. They alter them a little.

2nd war: (218-202 BC) Hamlica Barca’s son, Hannibal is raised with Greek tutors, his father is sent to Spain, Hannibal grew up in Spain. When his father died he was 16 or 17. Was his attention to make the Romans pay. Romans go on the offensive, they sent Publius Cornelius Scipio. Hannibal goes on offensive as well. He goes overland. While Scipio is sailing. Scipio discovers that Hannibal is trying to go around. Two ships pass in the night. Scipio’s brother heads off to Spain. Scipio is going to meet Hannibal with his army. Hannibal picks up Gauls. He is seen as a liberator. Scipio dissappears from the record book, Gaius Flaminus, takes over. There is one battle, Romans lose and retreat. At lake Trasimene Hannibal catches up. 15,000 romans are killed. Large roman defeat. Retreat. Time has come to elect a dictator.
Quintus Fabius Maximus’s strategy is to not do anything. He is going to run away and avoid hannibal.

After the lecture, summarize the main points of this lecture topic.
· Results of 1st, Rome gets Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. They also get a navy.
· 2nd results in a dictator.


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