A dream once lost can be rekindled

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   We have 4 beatiuful chidlren and our last one we are expecting in July. When I first met and married my husband we both agreed that I would stay home and take care of the kids and I was compelety fine with that and very content. My husband was in the military and he was also a truck driver so as you can imagine he was away from home quite a bit. Neither one of us like the idea of other people taking care of our kids I am very very picky about things like that we cant trust just anyone to our children.

     As time went on and the kids grew and started going to school I started finding myself having a little more time on my hands, so it started me thinking about things, things like what I am going to do when they get older and dont need me as much as Im sure every parent goes through this. So I began thinking I wanted to work but I had it made up in my mind that if I was going to work it wasnt going to be just anything it was going to be something worth doing.

        I started looking at my options and I thought why not go back to school I can do it while their little then when their older and Im ready to work I will be able too.  So I decided to take a paralegal degree online there are two areas that I am extremely interested in and that is law and education. So I am taking my classes and things are going fine then situations came up and one thing lead to another and it began inteferring with me studying so I basically gave up and with doing that now I have student loans against me.

                   My daugther went to head start preschool for about 2 1/2 years and I have been very actively involved. I’ve done alot of volunteering and I’ve been on the policy council board for the 2 year running. During this course of time the dream I thought I have given up is now starting to rekindle.

           There is a program that they have to where you have so many hours of volunteering in the classroom you can be hired as an nonEA which is non certified Education Assistant then they can offer for you to take classes to become a certified EA so this is the route I am on now once I have done this I will work as an EA for awhile then hopefully in some way being to finish up my  paralegal degree and then eventually move into the corporate area of the school system.

                    So within all of this in saying NEVER NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS even though there may be a delay dont give them up. God will open doors and He will make a way. He is doing it for me, He can do it for you but you have to trust in Him.


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