Free Agent

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You read it correctly…
As of right this moment I am unsigned

I was with a lable and that didnt quite work out well…
But the thing that I loved about being with that lable was the fact that I was allowed freedom!!!
Freedom to do what and say what I wanted
Freedom to dress the way I wanted
Freedom to act the way I wanted (…and I acts a ass sometimes!!!!)
But at the end of the day its all business…that what I gotta keep reminding myself…

So what this TRULY means…


The album has been delayed…
until I have no ideal!!!

It is in its last stages of being complete tho!!!
So much so that…given the fact that i OWN all of my MASTERS
I can do whatever I want to do with the songs I was working on!!

I got soooooooo many unfinished songs
I have 2 albums worth of recorded songs
And at least another albums worth of songs in the works right now…

Im actually working on my second album while finishing up on the first!
But dont expect that one anytime soon…
Its a work of art foreal!!!
But what Im tryna get around to saying is that….


I dont even get off into these things fareal because most of the time its all unoriginal works…

But this is just a mix of a buncha songs that were in production…at one point or another…
Its very eclected….i think thats the word….

The only problem I have with it is getting it one the internet….
But I have been selling shyt loads of these boyz since I made em last saturday!
I even got my siblings selling this “Dope From Da Throat” in school!!!
Remember last year when I asked you to pick my next single….


I will start preforming a few of the songs on that list starting this month!
I gotta get a video camera so I can YouTube the shyt outts these shows!

Speaking of last years blog…the singles that were choosen will also hit the radio…

But not before my smash hit….


Thought I was gonna tell you the name didnt ya?
But Ill keep you posted on when I put it on the radio ya dig me!!!
Its a hood/club/I want my mothafuckin money banger!!!!!

Before I forget…

Thanks for the support!!!
The twitter things is where I keep the updates at right now…
I go thru and see some crazy shyt in this crazy world!!!
Be up to date on that if ya like…

Follow Me!!!

Until the 1st

Remember One Thing…

Its All GOOOD!!!
“Damn It Feelz Good To Be Free…” – Nük


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