Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a comedy, crime thriller film released in year 1998. The film was written and directed by Guy Ritchie. Movie was produced by Matthew Vaughn. This is a story of four mans who lose their money in a card game. They decided to do a small robbery in neighborhood to pay their debts. Film received very good response and tremendous success on box office. Movie was nominated for BAFTA awards.

Star Cast:

Jason Statham portrays Bacon.
Dexter Fletcher plays a role of Soap.
Jason Flemyng plays a role of Tom.
Nick Moran portrays Eddie.
Stephen Marcus portrays Nick.
Vinnie Jones plays a role of Chris.

Plot Summary:

Tom, Bacon, Soap and Eddie are friends and they wants to earn money easily. So they decided to play cards against a porn king Harry. They start losing money and have to pay this money within a week. Chris is assigned to collect the debt. Days are passing but they don’t have any idea how they will pay the debt? In Eddie’s neighborhood a gang of thieves are planning to rob growers. Eddie heard all this and convinces his friends that they will rob all cash and drug when this gang comes back. Tom arranges guns for the robbery and arranges a person named Nick, who can hide the drugs. He also fixed a deal to purchase the stolen drugs. Here Harry is looking for a pair of shot guns. He hires Gary and Dean to rob these guns. These guns were already sold by Gary and Dean to Nick. In Eddie’s neighborhood the robbery was successful and they celebrate whole night after robbing gangsters. The leader of this gang Dog find some clue and believe that his drugs was stolen by someone from the neighborhood. Gary and Dean called Nick for shot guns. He tells them that he already sold those guns and gives the address of Eddie. Chris also comes to his house to collect the debt. Now what happens next? Do they able to collect the debt? Do Gary and Dean able to find the shot guns? After discovering that these guns are antique what will Eddie and his friends do with these guns? To know all the answers watch “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

My Views and Perspective:

Plot and story
This movie is of different breed with lots of guns and gangster. Movie is like Tarantino’s movies fast paced, violence and twists in the plot. As movie passes you will get to know that there are lots of stories going on at same time and all the characters are interconnected. There are more than half of dozens gangs in the movie and all are trying so solve a puzzle. In the final thirty minutes all gangs and characters crosses each others paths and here starts a lot of comedy punch lines. I can say that movie is mix of Jim Carrey type comedy and seriousness and humor like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

Star cast of the movie was not that famous and familiar except Jason Statham but the performances by most of them are solid. Individually they all played their characters with excitement. No one overacted and try to look funnier. The performance is not perfect and Oscar winning but entertaining. Jason Statham is brilliant in his role and really stands out. I was impressed by the performance of Vinnie Jones. He grabbed this opportunity with both hands and delivers a breath taking acting.

Direction, camerawork and soundtracks
This is Ritchie’s debut film and he put a lot of effort to make this movie successful. Although the budget was low and actors are not well known but he uses his talent of direction and makes the movie winner. He puts lots of violence in the movie. He directed movie in such a way that movie will keep you interested and compels to watch. Camera work is excellent. Cameraman secured visual effects and camera movements with lots of slow and fast motion scenes. The soundtracks of the movie are a treat for rock fans. Most of the songs are fast and make a right balance with the plot of the movie.

One thing I don’t like in this movie is that the movie is of British accent and actors spoke his dialogues damn fast, so it’s quite difficult for me in understanding the movie. So I suggest you to put the subtitles while watching. Sometime you have to rewind the movie to understand the dialogues. Overall this movie is worth watching and must have in a collection. That’s all I can give you. Thanks for reading.


Movie contains abusive language and violence so doesn’t watch this movie with children


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