How To Convert Pdf to Text Three Different Ways

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Pdf’s are fantastic for print purposes, but sometimes, you may receive a pdf you need to edit. None of the pdf readers available allow you to edit them so you are left with two choices, either purchase an expensive pdf editor, or convert the pdf to text. There are three ways in which to convert pdf to text.

What You’ll Need


An internet connection


Step 1) One of the quickest and easiest ways to convert the contents of a pdf to text is to use the select function in your reader. Most often it appears as a button at the top of the screen which resembles a cursor. This allows you to select regions of text within the pdf. These can then be pasted into an text document in a program such as Microsoft Word.

Step 2) Go online to an online PDF converter. There are quite a few, but my personal favorite is in a few simple steps you can convert any PDF to text right in your browser window. The website is simple to use and easy to understand, making it an excellent go to for converting pdf on the fly.

Step 3) Download or purchase a pdf to text converter such as Easy PDF to Text Converter. Then you will have a program right there on your PC which can convert your pdf files for you.


Head to your favorite search engine and enter convert pdf to text, the first page will yield numerous different options, including Adobe’s own online conversion service. Be wary though, as some require registration and will email you a document, whereas others provide such as the site mentioned in

Step 2 provide instant conversions.


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