True Romance

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True Romance is a crime thriller film with little bit of romance. Movie was released in year 1993 and was directed by Tony Scott. Film was produced by Bill Unger and script and screenplay was written by Quentin Tarantino. From the name of the movie it seems that movie is romantic but story goes around violence and drug. A couple stole cocaine and wants to start a new life but gangsters are chasing them.

Star Cast:

Christian Slater portrays Clarence Worley.
Patricia Arquette plays a role of Alabama Whitman.
Christopher Walken portrays Vincenzo Coccotti.
Val Kilmer portrays Elvis.
Dennis Hooper plays a role of Clifford Worley.
Gary Oldman plays a role of Drexel Spivey.
Michael Rapaport plays a role of Dick Ritchie, a friend of Clarence.
Brad Pitt portrays Floyd, Dick’s roommate.
Bronson Pinchot portrays Elliot.

Plot Summary:

Clarence meets Alabama in a theater and they start enjoying. Clarence falls in love with Alabama. She admits that she is a call girl and was sent by his boss. Clarence goes to meet Drexel, her procure. Clarence kills Drexel and asks other girls to pack her belongings. He leaves his ID unintentionally and finds that the suitcase is full of cocaine. He meets his father who is security guard. His father tells that this case is solved and there is some gang war going on. Clarence and Alabama leaves to meet his friend Dick in California but with the help of the ID which he lost; Drexel’s employee Vincenzo is tracking him. In California his friend Dick’s friend Elliot wants to buy this cocaine. They arrange a meeting but Elliot is caught by some detectives. They inquire him to know about the next meeting of Clarence. Dick’s roommate Floyd and Coccotti’s men Virgil is also tracking Clarence and Alabama. They attempts to kill Alabama but somehow Alabama kills them. Now what happens next? Why all guys are tracking Clarence? Finally who got the cocaine? To know all the answers watch “True Romance”.

My views and Perspective:

As in my previous reviews I already mentioned that I am big fan of Tarantino and honestly speaking I watched this movie just because of Tarantino. I think after seeing poster and seeing the casts, director and writer names on cover how can one wait to watch this movie?

Plot and Performances
The film starts with a love story but after that movie switches to crime and thriller genre. There are lots of twists in the plot so you can’t step up while watching movie. The plot is original and magnetizing. The storyline is thrilling. Sometimes you might think that what will happens next but I bet most of the times you will find that you were wrong. There are more than dozen stars in the film as lead and in supporting role. Christian Slater and Patricia deliver a solid performance. The roles of some stars are very small. We got Brad Pitt, Chris penn, James and Kilmer. Although supporting casts also perform well. Gray Oldman is great as Drexel. This movie is a treat for fans of stars.

Direction and Best Scenes
Tony Scott is a brother of famous director Ridley Scott and is known for directing. He wisely chooses the casts and makes a right balance between cast and camera. I think this movie could be better if it is directed by Tarantino. Although he had written the script but he sold his script and later this film was directed by Tony and he used his talent and makes True Romance a successful movie. Action scenes are similar to other movies but contain violence. There are many memorable scenes which we can’t forget. The Hopper/ Walken show down scene is best among all scenes and you would love to watch again and again.


Movie has everything necessary to make a masterpiece. Quality actors, crime script, brilliant direction and quotable dialogues. This movie is worth watching. You can watch this movie several time and I bet each time you will get fascinated. So watch and enjoy the masterpiece. Movie contains graphic violence and adult language so doesn’t watch this movie with children.


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