Gravitational Electric Theory

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The Gravitational Electric Theory use rotating electric fields for explaining both magnetic and gravitational fields.

Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents, specifically by interaction between negative and positive charges.
Magnetic domain is probably a region where electrons circulate creating electric gaps. The circulating electric gaps produce rotating electric fields which produce the magnetic fields.

The gravity can be better explained by electric gravitational domains, which is similar to magnetic domains.

It is known that a flow of electrons in a metallic wire produces magnetic fields. Two parallel metallic wires, having electrons flowing to same direction, attracts each other due to a natural synchronization of their electric gaps, and two parallel metallic wires, having electrons flowing to opposite direction, repeals each other due to a lack of synchronization of their electric gaps. In a same way, electric gravitational domains repeal each other, for a little time, until reach a natural synchronization between their electric gaps and then attract each other.
It is known that the electric field is 1e36 stronger than the gravitational field. The gravitational fields are very weak meaning that has low coercion, and its rotating electric field is naturally synchronized with others to form an attraction force, similarly to a lot of free pieces of magnets. The gravitational domains are not limited to rotating electric gaps involving electrons and protons; it can be produced by interactions between subatomic particles like quarks, and leptons, probably due to “color charge” exchanging.

Some experiments show that oscillation on electric fields may propagate instantaneously for all directions to neighbor electric fields, inversely to the square of the distance E=K( q/r²). Then the speed of gravity may be instantaneous similarly to the electric field, and also similarly in distance strength 1/r².

The Newton’s law of universal gravitation F=G( (m1×m2)/r²) is likely correlated to Coulomb’s law F=K( (q1×q2)/r²) due to the gravitational field being an effect of the rotating electric fields.

The Faraday rotation effect shows that a magnetic field rotates the light polarization, and then is clear that it may be an effect of the rotating electric fields. The magnetic levitation experiments confirm that electrons circulating in a winding coil produce the rotating electric fields, the rotating electric fields produce the magnetic fields, and also the rotating electric fields produce a gravitational force.

The Gravitational Electric Theory is supported by evidences in practice. Probably, the rotating electric field will be a best way of explaining both magnetic and gravitational fields.

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