How To Tell If A Scorpio Doesn’t Trust You

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Are you feeling like you’re on the spot, because your Scorpio boyfriend/girlfriend keeps asking you the same questions over and over again? Feeling the heat from the bright lights and the hot seat? It’s all being done for a reason. We’re a non-trusting group of people, by nature. It’s nothing personal against you. We make excellent detectives, police officers, lawyers, etc…just ANYTHING in the law field. Your Scorpio constantly questioning you over and over again, with the same thing?

That’s being done on purpose. We have memories like computers — we NEVER forget ANYTHING. Even the littlest things you say or do that you think nobody would pay attention to, we ARE. The reason why we ask the same questions repeatedly is to see whether or not you’re going to change your story up. If you don’t, then that’s good. If you do, however, that just shows that you’re not trustworthy to us and you’re deceptive. Ifyou’re completely up front and honest, that’s excellent, because that’s what we like.

The ultimate form of betrayal to us is a LIAR. We hate them. It’s a huge turn off, especially when it comes to relationships. Because once we catch you in a lie, things start going downhill. The old adage is true…one lie turns into another lie, which turns into another lie, which turns into another lie, etc. Little white lies turn into even bigger lies, which eventually turn into skeletons in closets. And it becomes just a hassle in itself just to keep up appearances. Your Scorpio mate may trust you, but not FULLY yet. When they do, believe me, you’ll know.


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