Cancer Males: Not All They’re Cracked Up To Be…!

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I’m a Scorpio female, so naturally I figured that dating another water sign would be no problem. He first moved into my neighborhood about 3 years ago, and we dated very briefly in the spring. With him being a Cancer and me a Scorpio, we clicked almost instantly. He was very sweet and kind hearted, but as time went on I started to see that he was also very whiny and I felt like I was on CONSTANT babysitting duty everytime I was around him. If I wanted to do anything by myself {like take a walk, go to the mall, etc.} he would immediately throw a tantrum and then accuse me of not wanting to spend time with him because he was fat. {That was always his line for everything. “You don’t want to _____ with me because I’m fat.”} Every day I would come home from work, he would blow my phone up and question why I hadn’t called him, and this and that. A rumor started flying around town about me and a co-worker of mine {a friend} and that we were supposedly having an affair, so from that point on, if Mike {the Cancer} saw me talking on my cell phone and it wasn’t to him, he automatically assumed it was another man and that I no longer wanted to be with him. See what I mean?

Always whining and crying all the time! And when he wasn’t whining, he was trying to shove the bible and Christianity down my throat. But yet, less than a MONTH into dating he was talking MARRIAGE!!!!!! I kid you NOT. We had NEVER done anything physically the whole 2 months we dated {except maybe kiss}, but yet less than a month into things he was telling me to put in for my 2 weeks vacation at work so that we could fly down to Disney World in Florida and GET MARRIED. That REALLY creeped me out. When I ended things a month after that, he turned extremely obsessive. That’s when the constant phone calls started, and then when I wouldn’t talk to him, he’d go behind my back and question my mother about what was going on with me, and the latest going on and whatever. And she’d tell him! They carried on these secret conversations for MONTHS, and it pissed me off so bad that I didn’t talk to my mom for the longest.

Every move I made {whether I was leaving the house or coming into it}, it was like he knew. Everytime I’d be outside, he’d find an excuse to come out there. And I was 21 at the time. He was in his 30’s!!! My best advice to you is be VERY cautious when dealing with a Cancer. Things may start off all flowers and rainbows and unicorns and happy-happy all the time, but they will change — FAST. Once you start seeing them for who they are, it’s all over.


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