A Look at Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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The original Transformers released in 2007 brought the old kids toys from the playroom carpet in your house to the red carpet of Hollywood. Now the sequel is being released on June 24th, 2009. The sequel will be based mostly in Egypt with scenes including the Great Pyramids. By the looks of the trailer, the returning cast plus the additions, and increased action Transformers 2 will be better than the first, bringing these childhood toys to real life on the big screen.

Not much is known entirely of the plot but, Sam Witwicky (whom is still played by Shia LaBeouff) is taken prisoner by the Decepticons and learns the truth about the origin of the transformers. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, followed by old and new Autobots form an army to battle the Decepticons and rescue Sam. This is the general premise that has been released by Michael Bay (the director) as well has been able to capture from the trailer to the sequel.


The cast will remain the same… yes Meghan Fox is back. There are also some new Transformers as well as new cast members. Also many of you will be excited to here both the funny Agent Simmons (John Tuturo) and for the girls Captain Lennox (Josh Duhamel) are back. This movie is highly anticipated to surpass the first, and there is already talk about a Transformers 3.

Rumor Mill

The Official launch date for Transformers Revenge Of the Fallen is June 24th, 2009. There have been however talks of suspicion that the movie will not come out as expected. Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures have both denied all of this as nonsense. There were also rumors that the film was to premier in 3D IMAX as well. This has also been discredited and the film will just be of normal theater showing.


Despite some of the rumors such as the film appearing in IMAX not being true, to all of our disappointment, Transformers 2 will surely be better than the original. The cast is back and looking better than ever, and lets face it, the special effects are unbeatable. This is the classic good versus evil story. Does it get any better?

I hope to see everyone in Theaters on June 24th for the first showing of Transformers 2.


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