A Bitter Pill To Swallow: How You Really CAN Keep From Hating Him and Learn To Love Again!

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It’s unfortunate that you got your heart broken. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Women get their hearts broken every day by the dozens and are left in the same situation you are in. But believe me when I tell you…HATE is NOT the ANSWER.

I can understand that right now you are bitter, spiteful, hurting and want revenge. You want him to hurt as much as you do, if not worse. However, if you go out of your way to start stirring up hatred and ill type of feelings toward this man, you’re only going to destroy yourself. Did you know that it takes double the amount of energy to do evil than it is when you’re happy?

It’s a step-by-step process, but you WILL get over him. Whether you want to believe me or not, you will eventually learn to get over this man on your own. And if you can’t do it on your own, there’s always help. If you don’t have close friends to reach out to, there are many professionals out there who are willing to assist you and just listen.

I think to start, you need to distant yourself from this man as possible. Cut yourself off entirely. That means delete his number out of your phone, get rid of any pictures or memorabilia that remind you of him, ASAP! The sooner you do this, the better you will start to feel. I promise you! Next, definitely take a timeout and do some self-reflection. Think about and take some time out for YOU for once. When’s the last time you did something nice for yourself? Whether it means going to a movie or treating yourself to a massage at the local spa, hey…it’s worth it. If this man has broken your heart, I’m sure he’s also done a number on your self esteem and image of self worth. So by doing nice things for yourself, little by little, you’re buildng those numbers up again. I don’t know what you do fo a living or if you’re in school or anything like that, but what kind of hobbies are you into? Think about that. Maybe you could join a new gym, become part of a new club in your local community, or even sign up for latin ballroom dance classes? Even if it’s not something you necessarily have tried before, do something new! Think outside the box! Before you know it, with all your time and energy focused on all these other things, you’ll start thinking less and less about this man. Also, you won’t hurt so much anymore, as it WILL start to fade, I assure you.

I hope this helps you!


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