Lose Weight and Run a Marathon

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In order to lose weight and run a marathon you need to first plan a workout schedule. Prepare now for a race twelve months from now. Get a trainer, accountability and run for a cause.

Your trainer needs to run with your every day. Depending on your long distance running experience, start with one quarter mile. Next day, run one half mile and by the end of the week you should be able to run one mile. Practice running one mile and then walking one mile. Eat a balanced diet as you will be burning calories like crazy.

An accountability partner has a different role than your trainer. Being held accountable means you are marking the calendar every day as the marathon approaches. This person keeps you focused and on the straight and narrow. He or she can run with your from time to time, but their main responsibility is to make sure you are sticking to the schedule.

Run for a local charity. Contact a representative and explain your goal to run with their organization’s logo or colors. Wear all pink to bring attention to breast cancer. Wear all black to represent MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). Get the word out to all your family, friends and neighbors that you are losing weight and preparing to run a marathin.

On the night before the big race, get a lot of sleep. Wear comfortable running shoes and have access during the race to water, candy and carrots. Enjoy running, make friends, support a charity and finish the race.


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