How Should Parents Lead Their Children to God

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“How should we lead our children to God”.  This is definitely something which elders should think about seriously.  Future of today’s children and of the humanity itself depends on what kind of relationship the children of the current generation develop with God.  Parents can definitely make a positive contribution.  This topic will always remain valid.  

Humanity is evolving.  Each generation is in some way better than the previous one. Nature is some how taking care of this.  It is the duty of the parents to ensure that children are in the evolutionary stream. Better human beings today’s children become, the better it will be for the future of this planet, or if I may say, this universe itself.  

Spiritual Masters have encouraged people to do their work in God’s remembrance.  It benefits a lot if parents follow this advice at least while dealing with their children.  Parents should make the children aware that God loves them unconditionally.  They should inculcate a belief in the children that God is accessible to them all the time and a sincere prayer is all that is required for God to help them.  

The best way for parents to guide their children is by becoming good examples themselves.  Children naturally love their parents and will look forward to their parents for guidance during the initial years.  So once a couple become parents, they should be conscious of their responsibility. They should be aware that there is another life with them which they are responsible for.  Parents need to sacrifice their anti evolutionary lifestyle which includes – but is not limited to – things like drugs and extra marital sex.  They should adopt a spiritual way or at least start praying if they are not already doing it.  That way they will make themselves fit to guide their children.

Parents should become spiritual and meditate and pray at least after marriage.  Then the child will be born into a God – loving family.  Child will naturally follow the right path.  As an Indian spiritual Master Lalaji Maharaj has said “Spirituality begins with conception”.  As the child grows and becomes a boy or a girl, parents should start telling stories about God.  They should tell as to how God is all pervading and that is what makes Him answer our prayers where we may be.  They should tell about good and evil, about how values like honesty, love, tolerance, patience makes a person strong as God intends him/her to be.  They should to get the child join them while they pray.  

Parents should expose their children to the nature around them.  Wonderful things in nature like  the sun, the moon, stars, sky, mountains, seas, rivers, trees, wind, flowers, animals, birds etc are God’s creation.  Parents should allow the children to experience these.  For example parents can involve children in activities like gardening.  They should encourage their child to observe how a plant grows or how a flower blooms over a period of time.  They should tell their children about how life is the same in all human beings, animals and plants.  Parents should encourage their children to read good books and to watch good movies.  They should encourage the children to think freely and to be committed to its overall growth.  

Parents normally tend to become serious while speaking about God.  Most of the children get turned off due to this.  Parents should exude joy while speaking about God.  And parents should also take care that they do not criticize their children for not doing some thing.  They should guide their children with love.  Creating an atmosphere of love for God at home is essential.  

If a child is brought up in such an atmosphere, it will naturally grow up to be a wonderful human being, getting his or her inner strength and confidence from God Himself.  In a foreseeable future such children will come into positions of power and will make decisions which will be for the betterment of the entire humanity.  


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