Cheating Activities in Love

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It is very hard to tolerate the cheating or betraying activities if we are in sincere love with our beloved persons, also we don’t have the ability to break with them and forget about them, since forgetting about a real and sincere love is impossible. So we give a lot of chances to our beloved person and forget about their faults.

Some persons take the chances as their advantage and continuing the betraying activities again and again. If you are in a true love, you don’t have the ability to betray your partner, as well as you have good trust and understanding  with your partner. If you have the ability to betray your beloved person, then your love is not a real one.

One of my friend is suffered with this kind of betraying activities from his girl friend. Finally they were broken, but still he don’t have the ability to forget about the girl due to his real love. He loved her sincerely and thought she is his world, she too loved him. But she already have another boy friend and hide this information from my friend. After some time, my friend come to know about this fact and asked about it to her. She told that she forget about her Ex. But still she is communicating with him through social sites as well as going dating with her Ex. After realizing about her fully, my friend keep distance from her. In fact he gave a lot of chances to her, but she failed in all the chances and finally they are separated and the girl moved with her Ex.

Now we are living in the modern world and most of the love are in this sort. It is very hard to see a real love in this world. We must have the ability to tolerate a lot of thing in the real love. Try your maximum to avoid this kind of cheating and betraying activities in your love and if your love is real and sincere, you are not interested in cheating your beloved person as well as you don’t have the ability for it. 

There is nothing wrong in giving second chance to your beloved person to change their mistakes. Hope most of the lovers will change with the second chance, if they still continuing the cheating and betraying activities, better to forget about them and keep distance from this kind of betraying and fake persons. This kind of cheaters are not deserved for the real love.


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