Cheap Curries at Home-Part One

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We are all looking for ways to make our money last further. Especially seeing as in this day and age what with credit cards, overdraft and bills it’s even harder to survive.

At times like these the one main place where we can cut back on is food.

But that doesn’t mean eating crappy bland food. No, you can still have gorgeous curry meals daily and still live within your budgets. 

Now I know what you would be thinking. Curries are high in fat and cholesterol. That’s rubbish. 
Pakistani family’s eat curries on a daily basis. 

Curries have a bad name only because alot of people use loads of oil to make the curry.
But you don’t need to use so much oil.

Also you can use olive oil, which is by far the healthiest of oils available.
Now to go with the curries you need chapattis.

They are even cheaper to make at home. For a family of four you would need a bag of 5kg that would last you a good 2 months easy. But the best thing is the 5kg bag is only a fiver.

Learning to make chapattis is not hard ( but that’s a completely different article ).

Curries are cheap in the sense that the ingredients used in them only need to be brought just once every 1-2 months the other thing about a curry is that like all dishes you can have it on White rice the next day if you have some left over if you don’t fancy chappattis that day. ( again rice is cheap to buy- but not if you’re going to but the small packets. No, buy in bulk. It’s rice it doesn’t go off. )

Remember its all about the savings.

And o yeh curries are delicious. if you have not tried  curry yet, then i have to say you dont know what your missing. eveery body should try foods from other cultures too.

So wether your a white british male, or an old chinese man, or even turkish house wife, i suggest trying these curries

Click below for the list of curries that are cheap.


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