The Riches – Review

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The Riches is a new favorite show of mine.  It’s a television series that has been around for a bit but I never watched it until recently.  The premise is good but the characters are brilliant.  Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver nails their acting and roles.  Their relationship and the depth behind it is But they aren’t the only great characters of the television show.  The daughter and son have much more going on than I’ve seen so far in the series.

In the episode, “Been There, Done That”, Wayne and Dahlia have a conversation at their car which is striking and moving in regards to their character’s moment.  This one little scene speaks volumes toward Eddie and Minnie as actors and the depth of these two in The Riches.  I can’t go on enough about the two of them.  They compliment each other so much.

Another great character from the show that I love is Hugh Panetta.  This is a wild business man who has that Texan style.  I wish they’d cut to a surreal scene of him strapped with a gunbelt shooting up the office.  Think of Boston Legal.

When it comes down to the heart of the story and message of The Riches, it is about family and the bond between those who love each other greatly.  Being there and supporting your loved ones at any cost is what the The Riches do for each other.  The writers and creators explore the duality between being a gypsy family and the deep connection of family.  I love it.


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