10 Best Tips to Keep Residential Premises Neat And Clean

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Cleanliness is the most important aspect that can never be ignored in order to ensure perfect health for your family.  There are many bacteria in the internal and external environment that can cause health problems. In fact cough, cold, asthma and many other common ill health problems are caused by bacteria. Many health experts suggest that keep home and premises neat and clean is the best remedy to keep off health problems and to protect health.

The following are the best tips that can be practiced easily and on a regular basis.

  1. Use vacuum cleaner and simple cleaning accessories to get rid of dust from home. Because the accumulation of dust can encourage bacteria to reside thereby causing cough, cold and other respiratory diseases.

  2. Keep your kitchen neat and clean and use air spray or any other air freshener to keep off insects and also to keep the kitchen fresh in air.

  3. Check the premises every day and ensure to trim trees and plants if there is excessive growth of branches.

  4. Use disinfectant wherever necessary and remove cobwebs regularly.

  5. Keep more soft cloths at home to wipe off the dust easily from gadgets, dining table, chairs, furniture and computer.  Use soft cloth frequently and ensure to wipe off all the dust.

  6. Dispose off the waste in a container which should be covered and never expose the waste to the outside atmosphere.

  7. Ensure that the waste disposed is collected by the municipal authorities on a daily basis as accumulation of waste can immediate spread health problems.

  8. Give a thorough check to every corner of home and ensure that your home is free from dust.

  9. Keep all the food items completely covered and whenever there is food waste, ensure to dispose it properly.

  10. Give the best health care to pets and keep them neat and clean always.

Windows, doors and garages have to be checked thoroughly and clean these preferably with a vacuum cleaner.

Since dust in the atmosphere and dust at home, is likely to develop health problems, keeping your home and premises neat and clean will prevent the occurrence of common health problems in your family members.


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