The Various Features And Functions of The Canon Vixia HF S100

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The Canon Vixia HF S100 is definitely the best choice for consumers who are looking for quality and ease of use.  The device produces crisp videos in the format of HD.  This makes it the favourite device among professional movie makers as well.  Many people love it because every recording can be transferred right to the SDHC card.  A user is able to control each of the camcorder’s functions by using the menu displayed on the LCD screen.
Even a newbie can take excellent videos due to its readily available automatic functions.  For instance, the camera recorder has automatic zooming capacity of up to ten optical times.  Additionally, it is equipped with a stabilizer which explains why it is so easy to capture clear videos.  Other than that, it produces bright colors without having to adjust it manually since it adapts to different kinds of lighting effortlessly.  The production of bright color is also due to the inclusion of CMOS image-sensoring tool which is almost 6.00 megapixel and the most up to date image-processing device within the camcorder itself.
Many users will also love it because the camera is so lightweight and compact in size.  People who have been using gigantic camera recorders before will most probably fall in love with the Canon Vixia HF S100 since it is very easy to capture quality images with it.  Additionally, since it is a combination of a camera and a video recorder, this camcorder is the only device you need to take along no matter where you go.
On the exterior it has a very elegant outlook.  It comes in glossy, silvery black.  Overall it looks similar to a cylinder but a short one.  The LCD screen can be found on one side.  The lens seem to appear bigger when compared to the actual size of the camcorder and this creates a professional appearance on its exterior.  By far this is one of the Canon’s most futuristic looking camera recorders.  It only weighs around 16 ounces and it is 2.8″ x 5.4″ x 2.7″ – yet it has all the features and functions needed to produce professional results.
Apart from its automatic functions, you can also choose to use the camera recorder’s custom options.  The options are scattered on the exterior parts of the device and they are easy to reach using your fingers because each of them are located at just the right places.  Additionally you have the choice to record at 17MBPS or 24MBPS and both can produce similarly magnificent results.  Many people have the opinion that the camcorder would be even better with the inclusion of an optical view finder; nevertheless others feel that the device is compatible enough to produce high quality images.
The Canon Vixia HF S100 is quite expensive when compared to other camcorders available on the market.  However, many existing owners might agree that they have made the right decision regardless of its price. Even though it doesn’t have any flash memory installed internally, it is equipped with a convenient user-interface where the various buttons can be accessed to by using one hand.  Overall it is one of the best products produced by Canon. 


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