How to Make Better Barbecue Foods

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Barbecuing the best way is by cooking the steak over the fire with smoke rather than direct flames. The object would be to capture the heat from the smoke that gives the meat it’s savory flavours – cooking above mesquite and hickory wood provides the meat these preferred tastes. This can be done with a barbecue grill or pit that was designed to cook like this – like a rotisserie barbeque grill or one of the best smoker grills will give you these results. You can also obtain the same results with a charcoal, gas or propane grill with the lid down so you keep the smoke from getting out. Need to know more on how you can get those restaurant style flavours and barbecue like a chef?

Find Good Meat Cuts

If you go cheap on the kind of meat you should be grilling with your not really going to get good results. Getting excellent meats on the barbeque grill which has a good cut and thicker is probably the most critical barbecue grilling suggestions any one may give. I always cooked with real lean meats and no wonder I always burnt it. I did not choose a good cut of meat which was thick, the meat has to be able to capture the flavour with the smoke. The most effective meat for a superb steak is New York Strip or Rib Eye, each one of these is great choice for keeping in the flavour and has an easy to cut texture. For pork, the best one is to select tenderloin. The perfect seafood dish is Alaskan Salmon, these fish cook up as a steak – Halibut and Swordfish make excellent steaks as well. Be cautious with fish, they grill quickly. Alot of people like to grill poultry, select skinless breasts for the health conscious, but if you grill with the skin on, it will help safeguard the chicken from any burning and enables the meat to savor the fats juices. It just taste better. Regardless of what meats you select ensure they’re fresh, the finest cut meats will taste better. Should you goto the local supermarket the butcher can help you out, they take pleasure in making a barbecue a very good one.

Get a Smoker Grill

Grilling with a smoker barbeque grill keeps the mouth-watering flavours in the meat, unlike a propane gas grill. A smoker filled up with wet wood chips provides you with one of the best meals you’ve ever had. Fill it up with the wood chips, close the lid, turn down the heat and allow it to cook for awhile. Put some of your veggies, potatos or corn on the cob in aluminum foil and walk away. In case your camping out, placing the meats in a rolled up aluminum foil in the shape of a teepee works just as good on the open flame, but you will not have the flavor from the wood chips.

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

It’s not necessary to be a chef to create your own ingredients for barbecue sauce. Very often you can look at the store bought ingredients for getting some ideas. Here is one I cooked up which has lots of flavor and works well for many meats – beef, ribs, pork, chicken and seafood. Use 1/8 cup white wine vinegar, 1/4 cup molasses, 3/4 cup tomato ketchup, 1 ½ powdered mustard, 1 teaspoon liquid smoke and use other seasonings to flavor, like garlic, sage, onion powder, red pepper or cayenne.

Because flavor is the number one factor all of us eat barbecued food, it’s best grilled utilizing indirect heat or smoke instead of on the open flame. Though it might take more time, 6 to 8 hours for barbecued ribs, if you do not have time, a person can nevertheless use some of the best barbecue grills that use gas or electricity that will allow you experience excellent barbecue flavours. Utilizing these three basic barbecue grilling suggestions, you will be able to enjoy traditional smoky flavors when your guests will have believed you spent hours cooking on the barbecue charcoal cooker. I will not tell them, if you don’t tell.


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