My review about Mylot Site ( Paid to Forum/Post)

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I have been a member of Mylot since second week of February this year. All I can say is that Mylot has been a steady and firm site that genuinely pays its members by means of participating in the forum. You can select which kinds of topic to participate to and help some members on their questions regarding certain issues or problems in life.

What is good in Mylot is that people there are creating quality posts and this maintains the site being mostly favored by other websites. All sites have their own FAQ’s and Mylot is easy to follow when you try to explore their site. It is also organized in the way they segregate information for members specially newbie’s on how to earn and clearly explains the things that are illegal to do on the site. It also has an added feature like the Task, wherein all members are entitled to join to earn more. I have been blessed to get more than 25 approved task this month of March and it helped me add on my earnings to reach the minimum payout soon. There is also an incentive with regards to the friends you invited as a referral. When they participate, you get 25% of their earnings.

I just wanted to share you this wonderful site because I have been paid twice via Paypal and I can say that Mylot is the best PTP because there is no limit for posting. You have the potential to earn money if you are industrious and patient. Because this site is not a Get Rich Program. It pays you $0.01 to $0.02 cents depending on the quality you have posted. The more you post, the more your chance to earn money. Here is the link if you are interested to join this wonderful site:

Check out the payment I received from them



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