Comparing Yourself To Others Is Zero Sum Game

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Watch Out When Comparing Yourself to Others

There is a big difference between utilizing a role model or icon’s accomplishments as a goal and comparing yourself to that person.

One can be a motivational tool but comparing yourself to someone else can be deflating and inhibiting.

We always seem to be comparing our lives and circumstances against others.  This is a slipperly slope, leading to an erosion of our self esteem.

Real Comparisions Are Impossible

The issues and distortions they present are numerous, including these;

  • The media presents images they ‘sell’ as perfection causing you to be intimidated

  • You only see a small slice of the person’s make-up

  • Their flaws are not examined, only their particular area of excellence

  • They may excel in one narrow area and not be well rounded at all

  • They can be great at something but horrible as human beings.

As you can see it is comparisions are incredibly superficial and we should avoid the practise.

You Are Unique

There is only one of you.  Therefore, comparing yourself to anyone else is unhelpful and a zero sum game.

Everyone is different, everyone has their own set of ‘pimples’ and plus and minuses, some you see while others are hidden or disguised.  Do not allow some unrealistic portrayal or image of someone to trick, intimidate or depress you.  Everyone, including you, has things they are good at and things they are not.

You are who you are, now try to improve yourself or reach a goal you have set.

Compare yourself to no one but who you were yesterday! It is the only measure that makes sense and once you get the hang of it, a confidence and self esteem builder.

A Word About Set Backs

The average number of failures people experience on the way to any success is four.  When you look at someone remember the struggles and failures they had to experience in order to achieve their success.

Be prepared for at least four set backs before you reach any goal.  It is a realistic way to insulate yourself emotionally when and if set backs occur.

Look in the Mirror

Set your goal and get moving towards it today.  Make progress each and every day by committing to doing something that helps to achieve what you want.  Get up each morning looking to improve yourself that day, making progress on your goal.

Remember to compete with yourself and to compare yourself only to who your were yesterday.

Dan Petrosini author of Push Back and Ambition Cliff


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