Psychology of Suicidal Terrorism

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Psychology of Suicidal Terrorism

A New research suggests that suicide bombers just want to commit suicide.

Another research by Swedish Scientists shows young men with low intelligence scores were more likely to commit suicide.

These both two results and suggestion of studies and researches are actually giving the answers why a person commits suicide or become involved in suicidal terrorism. Well, for finding this, we have to look deep in the reasons known till now. That first a person who do not want to live his life anymore likely to commit suicide. This can be due to various reasons such as unbearable ignorance, humiliation, mental state or due to some of his personal fears of that kind. Whereas, A suicide bomber commit suicide and killing himself with others by bombing due to brainwashing, revenge, political reasons or due blackmailing including money, helplessness and religious reasons as well. Suicides also occur due to intelligence factor in peoples. Have a look at some stats below: 

“Few previous studies have assessed the association of measures of intelligence with suicide. The 1946 British birth cohort study found that suicide was associated with delayed physical development but not with age at first speech, alertness (age 7 years), or measures of intelligence at age 15 years. There were only 11 suicides in that study and so it lacked power to detect potentially important effects. A study of 43 suicides in Israeli conscripts aged 18-21 years suggested that they were of above average intelligence,4 although patterns of suicide in the context of military service may differ from those in the general population. A study of university students in the United States, however, also found an increased risk of suicide among the offspring of better educated or professional parents. Suicide rates among Australian army conscripts were strongly associated with a measure of general intelligence, even after adjustment for several other risk markers, but this study was based on only 76 suicides. In a previous study of Swedish conscripts, associations with suicide were attenuated after adjustment for measures of conduct and personality. Several studies have examined the association of childhood IQ with overall mortality. In two Scottish studies low IQ at age 10-11 years and poor mental ability at age 11 years were strongly associated with all cause mortality.”

(These are various researches held)

All these are worth considering, first for intelligence issues, we have to work on it from early places such as schools, colleges and other places like academic levels. We will also need to use radio and television as medium here for educating the minds of peoples. Let the peoples love their life by influencing them through various ways from media, newspapers and other ways.

Promote practical kind of activities in this mechanic life where everyone works for himself only to earn money somehow such as sports etc. Promoting positive things in peoples which are human friendly basically and stress buster such as vacations.

And also preventing the terrorist organization to recruit more men and have them brainwashed. Stopping the ways of funding terror and cracking down at terrorist and their organizations and safe heavens. By doing all this, we can significantly reduced suicidal terrorist activities and their recruitment also.

(Written by A.A RickyNastan)


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