Fiction Writing: The First Draft

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According to the Soap Operas and many non-writers, we just have to write once and that is it. Well surprise we have to do this first draft or as I call it, the pre-draft and when you compare it to the finished drafts, who could have written such garbage?

But that is what you have to do, keep writing chapter after chapter without correcting to get the whole story finished. After that is done, then you go back.

Now some people may write an outline or a summation of what the story will be about, but as you go along, the characters take over the story.

Quote; “Darn it, I wanted him to go in guns blasting, but what does he do? Hides behind the bushes and finds a piece of tinfoil, then calls his superior. Why the girl could be dead by now.!’

Yes, that idiot character police detective fouls up your plans for a gun battle by being extra cautious. So you have to write a different chapter from the one you intended. That is why the first draft never is like the one you have in your head. In fact, it seems rather childish sometimes. Your characters go on in long monologues telling their stories just as they do on the Soap Operas. You all know that when Rachel said to Mac, ‘Remember when—” and we hear what happened last week or the day before. Instead of showing, you tell what is happening and when you send it off to your critique group, you get remarks like “your story is quite good but your dialogs are way too long.’ or translated, ‘your story stinks.’

Well I am on the sixth draft of my Novel and from what I heard, I have three more to go, if I live that long.


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