Why Dont Try The Best Relationship

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Firstly if you think this could be the one for you, you have to decide to love. Actively expressing love to each other will maintain and increase the loving feelings in both partners. Infatuation is typically what sparks loving relationships, but the excitement fades and warm feelings diminish unless both partners make conscious efforts to uphold their companionship. If you are aiming for a long-lasting, successful relationship, you need to commit to your partner’s emotional well-being and they in turn should commit to yours.

Communication is key. Get to know each other inside out. Communicate about anything and everything. Have deep and meaningful conversations at least once a week but more often if you can. Discuss what’s going on in your lives right now, whether social life, school life, or family life. Learn about each other’s pasts and childhoods, what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Celebrate your achivements, encourage each other and give praise where it’s warrented. Explore each other’s values, beliefs and dreams. Share your deepest thoughts,your hopes and wishes. All this will help you know and understand each other better.

Support each other. Be there through the good, the bad, the happy and the sad times—no matter what. Be willing to provide hugs, kisses, and emotional comfort in all circumstances. If your partner resists your attempts to comfort them and declines to talk about it, you may need to ease off of the subject and wait until they seem to be in a better mood before returning to it, but don’t hold back on the comforting unless that’s communicated to you. Feel like you can count on each other; be reliable and loyal, be there for each other and be emotionally available when you need each other most.

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. Mutual trust is founded in respect and loyalty toward each other. Strive to understand and respect your differences. Share and clarify your differing perspectives, and try to empathize with each other’s point of view. Sometimes, it is better to simply agree to have a differences of opinion or your own ways of doing things as you won’t always agree on everything. Don’t do anything that undermines your ability to trust and rely on one another. You should be able to trust each other in everything, keeping private your partner’s innermost secrets, fears, and struggles. Trust in a relationship makes it stronger and more comfortable.

Honesty, Be completely honest with each other at all times. A truly emotionally intimate relationship requires open and honest communication. Keeping secrets from your partner creates a barrier between you that limits your mutual emotional trust. Honesty can sometimes be scary, but if you want your relationship to thrive, then you both need to become comfortable discussing your feelings, insecurities, and frustrations with each other.

Spend time together. Make time for each other and carve out date times for togetherness as a couple. Spend time talking with each other and going out on dates, and doing other relationship-building activities. Even if you can’t afford to go out for romantic meals together you can still walk hand and hand in a park for free. Really get to know each other and build a connection between you that’s strong and enduring. If you don’t live together or spend lots of time apart, make a real effort to see each other in-person and talk on the phone maybe once a day or every couple of days.


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