How to save money while buying furniture

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How to save money while buying furniture

Furniture is one of the costliest things in the home. So, if you can save money, you should. Buying furniture can be very expensive. Saving money on furniture is all about knowing the right places to buy.

Buy on Sale: The best time to find furniture bargains are when sale are on. If you are looking for good deal on outdoor furniture, it is worthwhile to wait for these..

Check the Stores: Make it a habit to visit furniture outlets regularly. You never know when the right piece is going to be waiting for you. You may be getting a good deal on a piece of furniture that is on closeout.

Surf the Web: If you see something you like in the store or magazine, check the web. Enter the manufacture’s name and name of the model in the search engine or try a comparative pricing website. Don’t judge the merchant by the price alone, check out their shipping costs, as well, and whether sales tax will be applicable to your purchase.

Buy from Source:  You’ll find advertisements for the few manufacturers in the back of some home design magazines. That is where you will get the best deals.

Search for wholesale furniture distributor or a liquidation or a discount furniture houses in Yellow Pages or news paper classifieds. Often, their furniture is as good as the kind you will get in a retail outlet, but usually cheaper because of minor and unnoticeable flaws which lowers the cost.

Unfinished furniture is another great route to go if you want to save money.

Garage Sales: Many people hold moving sales or clear out their home of old furniture all at  once. You may be able to pick up an entire room set for a fraction of the original cost. The better, upper class neighborhoods have the best stuff, great condition and great prices.

You can also keep your eyes open for going-out-of-business sales. These retailers will make you great deals on furniture in order to liquidate their inventory.

Look for stores having scratch and dent sales. Often, you can get great stuff, which only has minor damage, which you can easily fix.


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