Treating Your Hair With Care And Repairing Damaged Hair

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Hair is a very important part of looking good these days.

There’s so much you can do with your hair.
You can straighten your hair, curl it, crimped it,dye it, do an up do by using loads of hairspray, put in clips and bands as well as blow drying your hair with a hairdryer. 
But what affect do all these things have. On your hair.
not a good one. 

With each thing your hair gets damaged and usually on a daily basis.
We must take good care of our hair because if we let this continue then our hair will become really dry and damaged and wont grow at all. 

My wife was trying to grow my hair to a certain length but found that even though my roots were showing my hair length was still the same. she was baffled at first but soon realised it was because her hair was so damaged and dry that each time she combed her hair it were breaking off from the ends. She had many split ends but now has gorgeous long hair that is soft and sleek.

1. Try to go a day or so without blowdrying or straightening / curling at least once a week.
heated products can really damage your hair. its a good idea to give your hair a rest now and again.

2. Once a week use a intense hair mask.intense treatments are like a boost of moisture for your hair. try home made formulas like yogurt or just try intensive masks from your favourite brand.

3. Every 2nd or 3rd night try to sleep with oil in your hair.
once again hair needs a boost and a hot oil treatment works wonders. apply oil on your hair before bed and wrap in a heated towel. leave overnight.

4. Don’t shampoo every day.
shampooing daily is a start of a bad series for your hair. you shampoo, then you have to blow dry and style and then because you wash your hair often, the next day your hairs oily again because of over shampooing so yet again you have to shampoo and blow dry and style.

5.Always always use conditioner after a shampoo without a good conditioner after a shampoo your hair will feel rough and brittle.

6.Trim your hair every 6 weeks.
get rid of the dead hair and split ends. i know this must be hard to do, especially when your trying to grow your hair but trust me its better to trim your hair on a regular basis. it will make your hair grow better. 

7.Use leave in conditioners.
for that extra boost on a special day just spray in some leave in conditioner and watch how much better your hair feels.

8. Avoid tying your hair too tightly. too tight bands should be avoided as they can snap your hair and causealot of damage as your hair Will snag often.


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