Trivialising Great Destinies

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  The difference between a great man and an ordinary man is our attitude to the basic needs of life. Men  of timber and calibre most times had to make do without the basics in there  attempt  to achieve  greater things in life .This statement is not truer than in the  bible were a lot of men who had potentials  to achieve greatness flunked it in an attempt to satisfy the basic but temporary things of life
     Judas, aka   Iscariot was a man with a great financial accounting skills, with so many years experience as a tax collector, this naturally earned him the honour of handling the apostles purse. He  guarded and girded  the purse so well   that mother hen could learn a trick or two from his methods about how to take care of  her  chicks .Presumably ,he had great love for the poor and needy ,except that he had more needs than  the poor and the needy whom he  love  so much. Judas was used to demonstrate man’s infallibility, as Christ fasted for forty days and forty nights and still selected Judas.    For just money enough to buy just one plot of land, he sold out his master whom he knows has great powers, and trivialised his great destiny
       Elisha was a no nonsense prophet, with a double anointing of Elijah in his armoury, he healed a prominent member of the Syrian army bedevilled with the abominable sickness known as leprosy.  Elated, Naman gathered enough goods   big enough to start a supply chain supermarket ,to bless the prophet Elisha. Inconsonant with his  character, he rejected everything that general  Naman  offered to  him, in good faith .His servant Gehezi ,the man who was suppose to naturally acquire four fold portion of  Elisha’s anointing  was not happy with his masters decision. .He took permission from  his boss to go and urinate  and collected some  of Elisha’s rejected largesse .Out of annoyance he was cursed by Elisha and instead of the double portion  of Elisha’s anointing  he rather received a four fold portion of Namans  leprosy ,he trivialised a great destiny
     Esau was so hairy that cooking with fire was like attempting suicide, Jacob his brother was smooth. However Isaac the sole hair of the Abraham Empire preferred Esau to Jacob, while Becky his wife preferred the smooth operator Jacob. One day Isaac asked his favourite son to go and prepare a game for him to eat and offer his last blessing, which is a liquid assets containing all that he inherited from the  don, Abraham
Rebecca eavesdropped and relayed everything to Jacob who took advantage of the situation .When Esau came back from his wide goose chase, hunting from a very far land, he was hungry and angry. With a wave of the left hand, he flippantly sold his birth right which was worth a maga  fortune, at a meagre sum of one plate of porridge without meat .He trivialised a great destiny
Achan, one of the mercenaries that went on expedition to examine the land, was instructed together with his squad by the army general ,  point blank to destroy everything of treasure they see in the land and not to carry any thing home. When they reached there and saw the pure gold and silver ,Achan   refused to destroy  the gold and the silver and collected  some of them home ,the anger of God was rekindled against the camp of his  people because of  the singular action of one man .This drew the ire of Joshua the general and Achan a high ranking officer was  sniffed out and disgraced ,eventually he died in ignominy  because he trivialised  a great destiny


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