People Should be Educated About The Need For Keeping Pollution Under Control

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Nature’s beauty is revealed in forests. Many kinds of animals live in these. These wild animals add to the grace of the earth. We all know that forest obstruct clouds and cause rains. Trees in the forest stop flood waters and thus prevent erosion of the soil. Carbon dioxide is used by the trees ad oxygen is released. Firewood is obtained from the forests. Over long periods of time fallen trees get converted into coal.

A number of things used by man are got from the forests. Spices, firewood and rubber are some such thins. Many tribal’s live collecting these and selling them in the market. Sandalwood is also from the forests. Many medical plants grow in forests. Honey is collected from the forests. Raw materials useful in dyeing industry are available from the forests.      

Now-a-days forests are being destroyed on a large scale. This causes a shift in the ecological balance.

The government is encouraging the growth of social forests. Some forests are brought under the reserved category. All these steps will protect the forests. The nation prospers with the growth of forests.   

Today a number of factors cause pollution. We have many industries in every place. Pollutants like Carbon dioxide are produced in large quantities. These spoil the air we breathe. Man now uses a number of vehicles that pollute the air. Waste products from industries are released into rivers. As a result drinking water is polluted. The Ganga is said to be one of the worst affected rivers I world. Even dead bodies are thrown into the river. 

Often safety measures are not taken in industries. Poisonous gases are released into the air. Polluted water takes the lives of many7 people all over the world. Cases of food poisoning are often heard.

Pollution should be kept under control for the good of mankind. Vehicle-owners should have `pollution under control certificates’. Industries should adopt anti-pollution measures. Tree plantation has to be taken up on a large scale. Safe drinking water has to be provided to all citizens. People should be educated about the need for keeping pollution under control. This will help them lead a healthy life.  


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