Modern Love

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Now we are living in the modern world and internet and phone love is quite common every where. People in this modern world is interested in love without seeing other person as well as making relationship with their online and phone friends. We must be very careful in this sort. 

This kind of modern love will give some unwanted issues and problems in life. Trust and understanding is the basic of real and true love. But now a days people don’t have enough time to understand each other and involved in a relationship with out proper understanding, after realizing the real face of their beloved person they are interested in breaking up the relationship.

First of all modern youngsters must avoid having relationship with a complete stranger, we don’t have the ability to understand about a person with few online chatting and cell phone chatting events. Most of the people give importance to the physical attraction and spoil their life due to it. Inner beauty is important than the external beauty and it is very hard to see the inner beauty of a person via internet and cell phone communication.

Don’t believe a stranger from online and start to love him without verifying about him. Some persons may use fake photo and identity with online sites and give wrong information about them to gain friendship and relationship. We must be careful in this sort. 

Try your maximum to avoid online relationship, if you want to make a relationship via online, understand about your beloved person fully and know about their thoughts, attitudes and  activities before making a relationship. Find whether s/he is apt person for you. Proper understanding will help you to find a lot of things about your online friends.

Lot of people are interested in online flirting for fun purpose and they are not involved in serious relationship. You must have a bold heart to tolerate everything if you are interested in making a serious relationship via online. Some good persons are also available in online, but it is very hard to find out them.

What do you think about this kind of modern love? Are you interested in making relationship via online sites? Do you ever had such kind of experience in your life?


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