Expired Domains With Traffic!

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Will update on my blog every one who is interesting in more information about!

today you can learn more about new web site in the net – www.DropDay.com

i know all domain sites in the world, but this one… unbelievable , for services like this people spend 450$ per year,

But here it’s Free

is completely free of charge services! Expiring Domains with Traffic!
In the next 4 days – 520.916 domains are going to expire. 10.763 of them have traffic and you can buy them for just a few dollars.

1) listropolis.com – about 80.000 visits in the previous month – Alexa rank 114.370, Yahoo Back links 4543, most Traffic from USA – the Price right now is 60$
2) trafficrouter.net – about 70.000 visits in the previous month – Alexa Rank 127.218 , most Traffic from Japan and USA – Price right now is 70$
3) PhpGuru.com – Alexa Rank – 3.689.843 – price is right now is 110$
Over 50 domains of 3 letters – such as JUW.com, XOF.net, Lek.info, Old.biz etc.
Over 15 domains of 3 symbols in dotCOM – such as Ah1.com, Hu8.com etc
Over 50 domains 4 premium letters in dotCOM – such as DASO.com , PRPU.com, ACFO.com etc
Domains with Marketing parameters:
Google PR: 12.656
Alexa Ranks: 10.763
Google Back Links: 4.355
Yahoo Back Links: 68.608
Age History: 93.294
DMOZ listed: 328

All the information about expiring domains With Traffic is available at any time, NO CONDITIONS OR LIMITATIONS.

Choosing a domain, that has marketing parameters and large traffic, correctly is very important!
You will not only receive new clients with virtually no investment, but also you will save 3-5 years of work of getting your website to the first pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo and others.


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