Tips to keep food fresh while enjoying at a picnic

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Tips to keep food fresh at a picnic

As the winter fades away, this is just the time to venture out on a picnic. And if you’re planning a nice lazy picnic and worried about the food lasting through the day. Worry no more! A picnic basket can easily be kept fresh by following this basic rule; keep cold foods cold, hot foods hot and everything clean. Just follow these basic rules and you’re on for your day out.

1.    Pack extra plates and utensils to avoid reusing those that have been contaminated by meats.

2.    Bring premoistured antibacterial towelletes for washing hands before and after handling meals.

3.    Wrap chicken and meat securely in plastic bags to prevent cross contamination.

4.    Transfer food or thawed meats from the refrigerator directly to the cooler.

5.    Store beverages in second cooler so that you can keep the first cooler closed until time to serve food.

6.    Keep cold food cold; leave them in a cooler filled with ice to keep the temperature below 40 degree F,

7.    Throw out the food that has been out for more then two hours and don’t put it with food which is not consumed.

8.    Pack left over foods in small, shallow containers and return them to the cooler for the trip home.

9.     Transfer the food directly from cooler to your refrigerator on coming home. So that you can consume it later on.

I hope next time, when you go to picnic with your family, these few tips will come handy and will enjoy your food and picnic.


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