Samsung Galaxy Nexus White-All About Ice Cream Sandwich ?

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At last! I had the pleasant opportunity of evaluating, what several tech buffs believe to be the ‘holy chalice’ of every Android-running handset; the one and the only – Samsung Galaxy Nexus white. the Samsung Galaxy Nexus white is the opening handset to arrive with Google’s fresh operating system, Android v4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich as the search mogul has fondly named it, so some uniqueness is awarded to you. With all the excitement nearby this handset, we can wait no more for the South Korean major to officially fetch this handset over to our test lab, thus we visited the mobile phone market and got one for ourselves.

Designing & Build-quality:

Dissimilar to earlier Google-branded smartphones, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer has resolute to loan its Galaxy-branding to the new spot on the handset. Luckily, that is everything Samsung has loan to this astonishing handset. As Google Android v4.0 has broken up with capacitive shortcut keys, what users receive is an extensive piece of glass from top to base of this miracle, which anyways seems totally uplifting.

User interface:

The astonishing device arrived with Android v4.0.1, which was not excessively firm & applications kept occasionally crashing, reminding nightmares of mine initial meeting with the Google Honeycomb operating system. After a reasonable tad of cursing, we discovered that an upgrade was obtainable, which updated this device to v4.0.2 (yet not the most recent which is v4.0.3). After upgrading the device, everything seemed excellent, and no random application witnessed crashing & the handset seemed quite smooth. If you have used the Android Gingerbread operating system, Galaxy Nexus white will ask for some efforts in order to getting accustomed to, as Ice Cream Sandwich is fairly unusual. There’s fairly a lot to talk about here, thus we will abscond the details for another day.

Media capabilities:

With a fresh operating system, we got a fresh audio & video player as well, so newness is extended to some other crucial attributes as well. Unluckily, the support for video & audio codec has remained same, from the day Android Gingerbread or Honeycomb came out. The audio player, though, has witnessed a huge revamp & is a lot more sleek & clever, so great news for audiophiles here. Tracks are arranged in a normal manner, although at the moment users are required to swipe the display from right to left to change the songs.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus white deals eliminate the needs for looking anywhere else for excitement.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus white deals as well as samsung galaxy nexus deals did not let us sleep for many days, and that’s the reason we are penning down several benefits of this miraculous device in the form of an article.


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