Believing Others

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We must always search a lot for the proof before believing anything. Don’t believe a thing blindly. This kind of trust and beliefs may give some unwanted problems to us. There is nothing wrong in finding the proof and believing a thing with a proper proof. All the things we are seen or heard is not always truth, as well as all our friends and relatives are not real, some persons are fake, don’t have blind trust with this kind of persons as well as their words.

I don’t believe all the things whatever i saw or hear, always i try my maximum to find the proof and search for the real thing before believing a fact or a thing. We must avoid having blind trust with our friends and relatives. All the persons are always not true and real enough, some persons may change based on the situation. So we must find the realty before believing a thing. Having proof is good for various things. Search for proof to believe a thing

Some times our friends or relatives may tell some lies with us based on some needs or necessities, if we trust their word and believe it, we may face some unwanted problems due to the lie. Better to make a search to find the proof and believe the thing after getting the proof. Try your maximum to find the real truth before believing it.

I saw some persons have blind trust with their friends and beloved persons and always believe all their words and activities, we must avoid this kind of blind trust and always try to find out the real thing before believing it. It don’t take a lot of time to find the proof, as well as we can believe anything if we have proper proof about it. Avoid blind trust and search the real one to become smart in your life. 

What about you? Do you trust or believe others blindly? Do you search for a proof before believing other persons words? Do you think having proof is always good to believe a person? What is your opinion about having blind trust with other persons?


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