Can Cancer Be Cured

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You are not misread. Should indeed be cured of cancer. The fact that 75% of breast cancers are discovered at an early stage will culminate in the patient’s recovery. This also applies to other types of cancer such as cancer of the larynx, and other blood cancers are found at an early stage. Much research today is to develop the field of medicine so that patients with cancer still have a median survival now. Of course the percentage of cure of cancer will be greater if the cancer is found at an early stage. The problem is people do not understand the benefits of early detection of disease through medical check-up.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 50% of cancer can be cured by curative without recurrence. Again, it depends on the type and stage of cancer. The early symptoms of cancer is sometimes not recognized by the sufferer. They thought that these symptoms are mild illnesses such as flu or fatigue, so do not take any further action. Medical check-up is also considered not necessary because during this time many people thought that he was sick, so no need to waste money for medical check up. In fact many cancer survivors who found themselves suffering from advanced cancer when first examination.

Medical check up is done at least once every two years is a profitable investment. Especially if you realize that you’ve had an unhealthy lifestyle and family history of cancer. Medical check-up is needed to know there are cells that develop malignant or not. If you are convicted of early-stage cancer, be thankful, because chances are very high recovery with treatment that has been tested validity. What’s more, many scientists and clinicians in the field have been researching various alternative and herbs to assist modern medicine. Ant nests have been studied long ago by Qui Kim Tran and colleagues from Japan from the National University of Hochiminch City. Ants nest shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells very quickly.

Not only Qui Kim Tran, there are many researchers who claim that the ants nest is safe for consumption and contain anti-oxidants are high. Soursop leaves are combined with ant nests have also been the choice of many people with cancer. In addition, a doctor who wrote The Doctor Who Cures Cancer also has an alternative in terms of what to eat when you have cancer. There are many natural materials that grow well in Indonesia that could be used for cancer treatment. So do not be afraid if you are convicted of cancer pain because of the disease was curable.

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