Google Goggles, Glasses With Mobile Phone Function

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If you are one who spends much time looking for the presence of cell phones, Google might have the answer. The solution will be available right in front of your eyes.

Google’s giant technology company will soon launch a “smart glasses” futuristic capable of providing all services provided smartphone, directly into the wearer’s eyes.

These glasses are called Google Goggles, will be equipped with a mini-screen as well as sophisticated specification, which allows users to surf the internet or do something related to a text message or email without lifting a finger.

The display is controlled by ‘mouse’ is driven simply by tilting your head. And if you want to make phone calls, these glasses will be provided to accommodate for the internal microphone.

A report says, Google Goggles that will revolutionize the smartphone market will be available in late 2012 and priced at less than 380 Euro (USD 4.6 million). It’s certainly cheaper than the price of the iPhone from Apple.

Users can view as usual through the lens of the glasses, and worn in everyday activities like going to the office or meet colleagues. Simply wave the head to activate the screen and can start using the internet.

These glasses will use Google’s Android operating system, the same as that used smartphones and tablets. Internet connectivity is connected via 3G or 4G networks.

Google Goggles will also be equipped with GPS mapping technology and motion sensors, and cameras. This brings the prospect that the user will receive immediate information about the buildings they see, the nearest clue, or a friend who was in the area. This device will also bring new potential in the world of advertising, to reach users in a state that is more personal.

Seth Weintraub, from the blog “Google 9to5”, provides information on how the glasses will be successful. “The system currently used is to tilt your head to click or scroll through the screen,” said Seth.

He said, we will easily learn the tool quickly and once used it will immediately proficient in navigation.

According to information obtained Seth, Google Goggles has a front-facing camera, and supports the application of augmented reality.

These glasses are being developed at a secret research laboratory Google in Mountain View, California, United States. Apple is also expected is developing experimental technologies, such as smart phones that can be worn as a wristwatch or sewn into clothing.


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