US , Egypt And The Trial of 16 American Citizens

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When Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, the US then did not realize that Egypt was heading  for a pro Islamic revolution. There was going to be no democracy as the Egyptians just do not know what is democracy, having known only autocracy for 2000 years.

The fat is now in the fire and 16 Americans who were part of US aid groups and NGO organizations have been put on trial along with 27 other persons. Out of the 16 Americans, 9 are perhaps out of the country and the remaining 7 are barred from leaving Egypt. One of the Americans barred from leaving Egypt is the son of the US  secretary of Transportation.

 The trial opened in Cairo and all the accused were put in an iron cage as is the practice in Egypt. The Americans were not in the court room as they have taken refuge in the US Embassy. This trial has angered the USA and Hillary Clinton has twice called up the Egyptian foreign minister to drop charges against the US citizens.

The US is perturbed and has  warned Egypt that it risks losing $1.6 billion as free gratis every year if it persists with the case. But so far the Egyptians have not relented.  In fact they are hurt at being pressurized by the Americans. The Americans also know that they can push Egypt only to a point. It is after all the only nation in the Arab world which has signed a peace treaty with Israel. Thankfully the treaty is still in force. Secondly the US cannot afford to antagonize the Egyptian army, which is the only stabilizing force against anarchy.

Deeper issues are however involved and the USA must be wondering what is going wrong in the Arab world. The Arab spring that even overthrew Gaddafi, has not ushered in any democracy but anti-American sentiments. It just about shows, that the USA has misread the entire gamut of Arab emotions. The Americans have perhaps realized that supporting change of regimes is not a profitable proposition at all. Removing Gadaffi and Saddam has not  been the best thing to do. In the meantime the US is trying its level best on the diplomatic front tp persuade Egypt to drop the charges


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