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Ticktack, ticktack, the clock hands continuously moves; ticktack, ticktack, the friends who are far away from your apartment are missing you…

The World is a universe of interesting story:
Accompanied by the silvery ticktack of clock, many interesting stories are progressing on every corner of the earth, such as joyous birthday party of kids, vivacious school life, romantic dating, wedding ceremony as well as grand occasions of different country, companies, or organizations etc. The world is absolutely a universe of stories! In every blink of an eye, maybe a funny thing happened. Fine and memorable stories are always worthy of a life-time cherishment, therefore, we carry out digital cameras and want to snapshot these memorable stories by photos and videos.

Nice videos should be shared with the world:
“Happiness is really contagious”, said some researchers. Happiness can be delivered among families, friends, colleagues or even people of different countries. Happiness can cheer the atmosphere and others’ heart. Since you got some wonderful videos which record the happy stories of your life, why not let your happiness be transmitted among your friends? Through videos, your stories and smiles will be shared; your sensation and mood will be known by people who concern you in every ticktack of clock hands.

Share videos on online channel Facebook:
If you are in mind of sharing videos with the world, then Facebook must be the perfect online channel. Facebook allows everyone who has registered to upload video and share them with friends. No matter personal memories, company events, or jocular videos, Facebook can easily accommodate and broadcast them. However, problems may happen when we upload big-size videos to Facebook.


The common problem in uploading video to Facebook:
Question: “I’m struggling to upload my AVI video to Facebook, where the time limit per video is 20 minutes. But the video I’m trying to upload is only 11 minutes long, but the site reports that the video failed to process, because it’s too long…any idea? “
Answer: “it could be a file size restriction you’re breaking, and not actually the length that’s the problem. Sometimes you’ll get a message about length when it’s actually size that counts. “
When you encounter the above situation, you’d better decrease the size of your video: convert videos to flash videos, including FLV format, SWF format etc. The FLV and SWF formatted videos usually get a smaller size than video format that got from digital camera which contains the same content. Meanwhile, the flash videos can be easily uploaded to Facebook and loaded during viewing since the size is much smaller.

Best tool for converting video to flash format?
Kvisoft video to flash converter can help you convert videos of any format to flash videos in seconds. What’s more, video to flash converter also allows you to perfect your life-story videos, such crop video screen size, clip down unwanted parts, adjust the quality of video etc. Check the tutorial on YouTube for converting video to flash.

Why not let your story and voice be heard by flash videos!


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