Practical Shaving Tips For Women

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It’s a given that most men prefer women that have smooth skin. Knowing this, women look for ways on how to get rid of unwanted hair that grow on their face and body. Thus, shaving was no longer deemed as an activity exclusive for men.

Shaving is the removal of facial hair or body hair with the use of a sharp bladed instrument like a razor. Men are often seen shaving more than women because they usually have more facial hair. However, depending on factors like your genetic make-up, where you reside, what your lifestyle is or even your culture, women can be just as hairy.

Women often shave to remove facial hair, underarm hair and pubic hair. These are the common areas that bother women the most. Although, there’s also the option of waxing off hair, not everyone can afford it or can bear the pain that goes with waxing.

For women, there are several ways to go about shaving. Here are some practical tips you can apply in your home using a disposable razor and without the need to go to a salon or spa to get a clean shaven underarm or bikini line.

  1. Apply hair conditioner on the hairy area. The ingredients on the conditioner will help soften the hair and prepare your skin for shaving.

  2. Dip your razor in hot water before shaving. About 10 to 15 seconds will do. This is optional but some people find that using a warm blade lets the blade glide better on the skin.

  3. Follow the direction of the hair growth when you start shaving. Going against the grain can bring about more stubble but if you do shave on the opposite direction, try to minimize the number of times you do it.

  4. Get an even cleaner shave by doing a final sweep from left to right and then right to left.

  5. For a dry shave, apply baby powder on the hairy area to make it smooth and remove excess oil before you start shaving.

  6. After shaving, apply lotion on the newly shaven area to keep it from becoming dry or flaky.


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