Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Adsense Disabled Websites.

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Google adsense is the best advertising network today and has been the first choice of publishers. There are thousands of webmasters who are making thousands each day from Google adsense. But the fact that makes people choose alternates to Google adsense program is its strictness and the various terms and conditions it possess. Google adsense has strict terms and conditions which if not followed for the very first time, the publisher will be immediately banned.

There are many new webmasters or bloggers in the scenario, who get adsense approved, but due to their negligence or because of their non-awareness discover that their adsense has been disabled due to invalid activities. So, if you get that mail in your inbox, you have nothing to do but to search for the best alternatives, and indeed there are alternatives to adsense which also pay handsome and provide related ads to your niche.

Let’s see what they are:

1.Eleavers: Eleavers is one of the best sites which pays you for inline clicks and ad impressions just like Google adsense. It is a free program which has very easy signup process, and you will get your account approved in a day or two depending upon your site content. The terms and conditions are pretty much like adsense, but they are not so strict as adsense. They pay via paypal and the minimum withdrawing amount is $10. It has been reported to be successful just after adsense, as a publisher reported that he gets $225 per month who was getting $250 from adsense before he got disabled from adsense.

2.Chitika: Chitika is an advertising and marketing company which has thousands of blogs and websites in its pocket. And the advertisers are increasing day by day. It serves the viewer related ads and has good revenue system. It is good for content related websites and pays via paypal and check. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $$10 via paypal and $50 via check.

3.Adbrite: Adbrite is a contextual and marketing ad serving company and is the old runner in the race. Unlike other ad serving systems, it has ad serving spaces which they embed in you web pages and the advertisers serve their ads in that space, thus making you money. Minimum payout is $20.

4.Bidvertiser: It offers contextual and feed ads and serves text ads related to your web content. Pretty much like adsense, this ad serving company is useful only for high traffic websites. I would recommend this for product related blogs as they serve the best product related ads. Payout is via paypal or check and minimum withdrawing amount is $10.

5.Infolinks: Infolinks is another great in line text and tag link advertising unit which is great for high quality content websites or blogs. Its software crawls your contents for highly searched words and turns them into Infolinks ad links, and whenever someone hovers upon that word or clicks them you get money. Minimum payout is $10 via paypal and $50 via check.

6.Kontera: It is much like Infolinks serving in line text ads, and good for high traffic blogs. Also the minimum payout is very much like Infolinks.

7. Luminate: Luminate has a pretty different approach in advertising. Good for image ready websites, where Luminate will crawl your images and related tags to it and serve ads on that image. For example, whenever a visitor hovers over the image, it will show image and tag related products to the viewer. It serves awesome 30 billion views per year and has more than 150 million users and more. Payment is $10 via paypal or cheque.

8. Adhitz: Adhitz is also a text and image related ad company. If you are having a website related to online money making and reviews of internet websites, it is best for you as it serves most of the ads on online money making. Payments are sent once a month on or before the 10th of each month. Also you can set your own minimum amount, which is pretty good.

So, in case if your adsense has been disabled, try to appeal for it and if you fail the race, do not worry. As these ad serving companies are ready to fetch you some good money very much the same as Google adsense. But remember whatever ad serving company you have, better do not play with the terms and conditions as most of them have a pretty good fraud detection system. Write good content, promote well and stay safe.

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