Feeds the dog skill

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The dog feed’s appearance, knew that master’s raising way is whether appropriate. Especially raises the small dog which lives together in indoor and the human, a very important spot raises their education. the oral administration must carry on the fixed time, the place should also fix invariably, the oral administration quantity must fix, avoids not being able to finish eating or eating overeats. may prepare some clean water every day, enables the dog momentarily to be possible to drink. oral administration time, should raise the dog proper custom, eats happy is the appetite good showing, when cannot allow it eats to wolf down, “gua chirp gua chirp” the chaotic sound, must train it to eat food slowly. In addition once the dog finished eating must walk the food trough end, do not let it have free time comes to eat. the disagreement master is busy, the oral administration time cannot change at will, moreover the oral administration quantity do not sometimes many sometimes few, is not strict manages is very disadvantageous to dog’s health. Also possible, therefore presents in the spirit the negative influence. after finished eating the food trough or ate food like stitch in time not health which remained, regarding this could not be negligent. and the human are the same, the dog along with the age change, will also change to food demand. The young dog time which, mature Cheng grows rapidly in it Quan the time and the physiological load of exercise reduce the quantity of heat which the old age dog time consumes to have the very wide difference. to let the dog healthily pass the life, we should act according to its each stage the physical condition suitable to change oral administration the type and quantity, was it formulates the science recipes.


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